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vol XXVI: The Curious Case of the 1% Receipt


Find out how I cracked the case of that “Get a real job” receipt hoax!

“Pacing to and fro with wrinkled brow in a Masterpiece Thea-tah fashion, memories of my own days as a waitron came flooding back like the tsunamis of my childhood nightmares…”

Read it HERE

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Upshot of the Downturn


Maybe it’s just me but customer service peeps are being a hell of a lot nicer these days. AT&T ladies are joking around, being sweet and helpful; checkers at Ghetto Ralphs and Albertsons are all smiley and positive as if they’ve been drinking the Trader Joe’s Kool-Aid or something. Maybe it’s because they’re all just so damn happy to have a job. But whatever the reason - it’s a thing.

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