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vol XXV: Planes, trains and acute nervous breakdowns …..


…Or, how Anne Hathaway made me feel like a hobo! 

“The snow was slushy and when it hit my face felt a wee bit like little daggers rather than puffy snowflakes. The wind pulled a Pacquiao on my $1 umbrella turning it inside out like a bowl…” READ IT HERE

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LISTEN HERE: Marketplace “The Ripple Effects of Unemployment”


Bureaucracy for Breakfast is featured in this in-depth Marketplace story about unemployment. If you’re in Southern California tune in at 8PM PST this Saturday or Sunday to 89.3 KPCC-FM and you can listen online HERE

The report explores some interesting aspects of what’s going on with our crazy economy. Here’s hoping things change!

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The birth of Snooki… sort of


well since the next post involves me reading Snooki’s sure-to-be-Pulitzer-worthy novel “A Shore Thing,” and since I am on the wait list at TWO libraries to get my hands on this coveted piece of literature, I thought we could revisit the post that started the Bureaucracy for Breakfast Snooki obsession. It’s called “Henry Miller, Snooki, steel coils, and the CAA Death Star.” Take a peek! I’ll be waiting patiently by the phone for the library’s call…

“I haven’t given up the alternate plan of getting sponsored by a fruity vodka and rolling around naked on a Vegas hotel bed with money flying all around the room…”

Read more here: 


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